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DDRAV is a freeware game and it's an updated version of my previous released Double Dragon Reloaded game. The game is an mix of the arcade DD1 and DD2, with the addition of extra custom stages, extra weapons and all moves from DD Advance too. You can play as single player or up to 2 players co-op mode, and you can choose between 12 different characters to play.

Gameplay and Controls:
The overal gameplay feel and action is very similar to the original arcade game. You can climb up ladders and pick up tons of weapons. The game Controls and mechanics are exactly the same as in the Arcade game, so all the moves and special moves can be execute the same way as in the Arcade.

The game uses 4 buttons : Punch, Kick , Jump, Back kick

-You can check the moves list on "How To Play" in the game menu.
-Be sure to configure the game buttons on : OPTIONS/CONTROL OPTIONS

The game is compatible only with the OpenBOR_v3.0_Build_4107 and OpenBOR_v3.0_Build_4153 (included in download).

Updated 20 days ago
Tags2D, Beat 'em up, Co-op, openbor


DDR-ALTERNATE.2.1.0.rar 90 MB

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I noticed you used a couple of tracks from the Prototron metal tribute album in the "Arranged" version of the game.  The guy is a friend of mine and a really nice person, so it'd be cool if you could at least credit him somewhere. It's a great game otherwise though.

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I JUST FOUND A BUG on 2.0.2 version !! When you are in the second level where you are in that 3 moving floors with 3 green pants guys with a patch in the eye.... if for some reason you stay in the center moving floor (the one that goes to the right) and fall down because you forgot to jump... the next lives resurrects in the air so its a instant dead... don't care how many lives you try... billy (in my case) appears in the air and fall down losing all the lives again and again. 

Thanks for doing Reloaded... you made me a child again...

One more: When you punch someone on the floor and they die... they doesn´t scream like when you kill them in other ways... they just start to blink and disappear...

Thank you, i'm glad you like the game and thank you for the report my friend! They are both knowing issues actually. About the first one sadly i was not able to fix it no matter what i have tried. It has to do with the fact that my "respawn" script places the player where he last standing, in which case is near to the edge of the floor. Then the conveyor belt moves the player instandly out of the floor. The only workaround to that is to remember holding the "direction Left" button when respawning and you will not fall off the floor. I know this sucks but i could not change it.

As about the "no death sound" in cases you pointed out, i thought this is not a big deal. I could change this but it will require to change the whole "wall danage" system, which means i will have to edit every single entity again, which also means a lot of work. Still, maybe i will change this in a future update. Thanks again my friend!

Nice work!


Thank very much! Be sure to check out the new updated version i have just uploaded, which includes 5 more selectable characters and the "player vs player fight" at the end in co-op mode.

As a fan of the original thats a great new feature

Thank you and have some fun!

Cheers, looking forward to it :)

I w anted to produce a tribute poster to this great game if thats ok?

Sure, i have no problem with it and i would really like to see it when it's done!