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DDRAV is a freeware game and it's an updated version of my previous released Double Dragon Reloaded game. The game is an mix of the arcade DD1 and DD2, with the addition of extra custom stages, extra weapons and all moves from DD Advance too. You can play all 5 different game modes as single player or up to 2 players co-op mode, and you can choose between 15 different characters to play.

Gameplay and Controls:
The overal gameplay feel and action is very similar to the original arcade game. You can climb up ladders and pick up tons of weapons. The game Controls and mechanics are exactly the same as in the Arcade game, so all the moves and special moves can be execute the same way as in the Arcade. In a 2 player co-op game, the players will have to fight each other in the end of all game modes.

The game uses 4 buttons : Punch, Kick , Jump, Back kick

-You can check the moves list on "How To Play" in the game menu.
-Be sure to configure the game buttons on : OPTIONS/CONTROL OPTIONS


The game is now fully compatible with all latest OpenBOR builds but is not anymore compatible with the much older OpenBOR builds like before! This is because the game is now using some new OpenBOR features which only exist for the latest OpenBOR builds.

Updated 2 days ago
Tags2D, Beat 'em up, Co-op, openbor


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Magggas, I am very much enjoying this game, but I am having control issues that are very frustrating. I have tried three different controllers, both X-input and Direct, and it's always the same. Simply put, much of the time when I try to do an attack that requires holding Jump+another button (elbow, spinning back kick and forward kick), the game does a jump+attack. I have tried shoulder buttons, face buttons... it's always a problem. I do not have this issue while playing the original DD or DD2 arcade or with Double Dragon Advance. 

Yeah i know about that but this is an issue of the OpenBOR Engine itself, it's not from the game. I tried everything possible a few times already in hope to solve this and make the "two button pressing" more fluid but nothing helped. This is just how the OpenBOR Engine works sadly. If there will be a better OpenBOR Engine version in the future, i will for sure include it in the download.

I have two questions, one of which is a little embarrassing:

Firstly, how do I continue in-game? It says that I have 29 credits, but every time I run out of lives it just takes me back to the title screen. I have bound every button to my controller, but I have no idea how to put in another virtual quarter, so to speak.

Secondly, is there a full moves list available anywhere?

Don't worry , the continue problem is a bug in the OpenBOR Engine itself, not from the game. What is happening is that som times you must press start to continue very fast when you loose a credit. Once a new Engine version will be released with the issue fixed i will includ it with the download. About the special moves of the extra characters, they are performed by pressing two buttons for those who are having any.

I have the last update but the new one doesn't work with none of my android. Please help me.  I want to play this game again!

is there a way to play this on the PSP? 

excellent rehash of a classic game :) anyways, i am having issues with openbor and this game working on the shield tv. it seems to crash everytime i load the game on any android device. i can only get this to work on windows but would like to add this to all my android devices if possible.

thanks in advance!

have a good xmas & new year guys!

Please make Dibiase, Duggan, and Honky Tonk Man playable characters. 

Why cant i play this on my samsung galaxy s10+?

Because this download is for PC. In order to play it on android, first you need to install the OpenBOR engine on your device. Then you need to add manually the game("Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate.pak" file) to the "Paks" folder of the OpenBOR app. Like you do with emulators and roms for example. Here is the only compatible OpenBOR android app version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7fgp41apfbqaybs/OpenBOR_v3.0_Build_4107.zip

So, you will stiil need to download the game from this page as well in order to get the "Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate.pak" file which is the actuall game rom as i said.


I tried to play this with a friend last night, and we were having odd controller issues. We were both using PS4 controllers, and it seemed to force P2 to certain buttons on MY controller no matter what we said the actual configuration to. We were able to set up our controls in the options, but when it came to actually getting into a game, only mine worked (and I was able to set up P2 by hitting L1 and other buttons for some reason, but my friend couldn't get any of his buttons to register).

Do you know what we could do about this?

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Hm.. Personally i never had any issues on setting up 2 controllers with native windows compatibility. I only had some issues in the past when i tried to use a ps3 controller and a normal windows compatibile controller in same time. Even tho i never tested a ps4 controller, i'm suspecting that your issue is caused  from the 3rd party software the ps4 controller uses for working on windows. Because this was also causing the problem for me back then with my ps3 controller.

But yeah, since i don't have a ps4 controller to test it by myself, i can't say or be 100% sure if that is indeed the problem :/

Instead i can only say for sure that i can use an xbox one controller and an knock off chinese controller for a co-op game without any problem.

Awesome game but no controller support :( Cant play this longer than 5 minutes sorry :/

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Well you are just doing something wrong Sir because there IS a controller support actually. The game is also actually meant to be played with controllers and for me all kind of controllers tested are working just fine, so..

By the way, you need to setup the controllers in the OPTIONS/CONTROL OPTIONS first.

After I define the buttons to the xbox 360 joypad, the controls no longer register. Am I doing something wrong? The game picks up the controls for me to redefine the keys, but as soon as I return to menu, the controls no longer work. Any help please.

Yeah, this is a known issue the OpenBOR Engine has only with the xbox 360 controllers specifically. Any orher controllers and the xbox one are working fine. The thing is, i'm just the creator of the game and not from the OpenBOR Engine itself. And since this is a problem of the Engine i can't do anything, sorry :/

Ok thanks, any recommendations for xbox one controller software for PC?

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Well all xbox controlles don't need any additional software to work on PC. They are just natively windows compatible. By the way, i'm on windows 10.

Please Magggas there are 4 things missing that would do a PERFECT Double Dragon experience: 

1) Knee hit while enemies are crouching or standing up

2) Grab the enemies from behind 

3) Enemies should escape after killing a boss

4) Enemies bounce against the floor before falling into the void

Thanks a lot for this great new update :)

I always wanted to see Double Dragon reborn on better hardware.  Even the real arcade machine got bogged down in larger fights, so this is pretty damn cool.  

Will you be adding the other WWF characters as Playable eventually? I'd love to playthrough as Big Boss Man and give people The Boss Man Slam!


Yes i will :) In fact, right now i'm working on make playable the Big Boss Man and Andre The Giant. So now that i'm back from my vacation, this new update should not take me too long to deliver :)

Best news I've heard all day =D

What i'd like to know, which apparently no one else does, is how exactly did you make this.  Meaning, did you already have the existing sprites and background art and original Technos code which made it easier to code up the updates? Or did you have to start from scratch -- making your own artwork, sounds, etc?

Γειά σου φίλος. The game is made completely from scratch with the OpenBOR Engine. Meaning i have ripped all the graphics, sounds and sprites by myself and then also coded the whole game by myself with the OpenBOR Engine “code language”. Then on top of that i have also made some custom sound effects, sprites and stages graphics where was needed.


I noticed you used a couple of tracks from the Prototron metal tribute album in the "Arranged" version of the game.  The guy is a friend of mine and a really nice person, so it'd be cool if you could at least credit him somewhere. It's a great game otherwise though.

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Hi, well i'm using actually two songs from the Prototron album, it's not a secret or something. Now i have found its creator and talked with him on youtube. He is indeed  a nice person and of course i will add him in the credits on the upcoming update of the game at January (2019).

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I JUST FOUND A BUG on 2.0.2 version !! When you are in the second level where you are in that 3 moving floors with 3 green pants guys with a patch in the eye.... if for some reason you stay in the center moving floor (the one that goes to the right) and fall down because you forgot to jump... the next lives resurrects in the air so its a instant dead... don't care how many lives you try... billy (in my case) appears in the air and fall down losing all the lives again and again. 

Thanks for doing Reloaded... you made me a child again...

One more: When you punch someone on the floor and they die... they doesn´t scream like when you kill them in other ways... they just start to blink and disappear...

Thank you, i'm glad you like the game and thank you for the report my friend! They are both knowing issues actually. About the first one sadly i was not able to fix it no matter what i have tried. It has to do with the fact that my "respawn" script places the player where he last standing, in which case is near to the edge of the floor. Then the conveyor belt moves the player instandly out of the floor. The only workaround to that is to remember holding the "direction Left" button when respawning and you will not fall off the floor. I know this sucks but i could not change it.

As about the "no death sound" in cases you pointed out, i thought this is not a big deal. I could change this but it will require to change the whole "wall danage" system, which means i will have to edit every single entity again, which also means a lot of work. Still, maybe i will change this in a future update. Thanks again my friend!

Nice work!


Thank very much! Be sure to check out the new updated version i have just uploaded, which includes 5 more selectable characters and the "player vs player fight" at the end in co-op mode.

As a fan of the original thats a great new feature

Thank you and have some fun!

Cheers, looking forward to it :)

I w anted to produce a tribute poster to this great game if thats ok?

Sure, i have no problem with it and i would really like to see it when it's done!